SOFAR Acoustics, LLC

A research and development firm focused on innovative solutions that combine science and advanced technology

Who We Are

Headquartered in the greater Boston, Massachusetts area, SOFAR Acoustics LLC was founded by Dr. Irena Lucifredi in 2010. Our facilities are comprised of office and lab spaces dedicated to system development, and to prototyping of computational systems and instrumentation. We maintain a team of acoustic, systems, and software engineers as well as business development personnel who are continuously motivated by innovative research and development challenges.

SOFAR Acoustics, LLC is a research and development company focused on creating innovative solutions that combine science and advanced technology. We provide services and products in two major areas of specialization: acoustics/vibration and information technology. In the area of acoustics we offer scientific and engineering solutions in underwater acoustics, structural dynamics and vibration, artificial intelligence (AI) based detection, classification and tracking. This work is often based on integrating science and engineering with our strengths in distributed sensor networks, embedded Linux systems, and cloud computing applications.


Mission Statement

A synergy of acoustic, seismic, and information technology provides the most important means of communication, navigation, and imaging below the sea surface. With a goal to rapidly develop innovative approaches to advanced R & D challenges, SOFAR Acoustics is committed to gaining insight into the physical mechanisms taking place and creating novel, comprehensive systems solutions through state of the art engineering methods and practices.

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