SOFAR Acoustics
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Any ability for precise, low-cost detection and characterization of buried formations, such as gas hydrates and oil/gas reservoirs, is advantageous for exploration and hazard mitigation. Thus, there is a need for development of low-cost numerical methods and data processing techniques that describe buried formations´┐Ż scattered seismo-acoustics field, which in turn yield reliable detection and classification information. We provide expertise in several physics-based  numerical methods techniques, such as finite/spectral element techniques and extended images methods, to develop scattering modules appropriate for oil/gas formations and methane hydrates deposits. Our background in seismic and seismo-acoustics propagation modeling spans many of the major numerical simulation approaches  such as: ray-theory, normal modes, finite element and spectral element methods.  Furthermore, the numerical simulation capabilities are complemented with the wealth of experimental data processing capabilities based on spatial, temporal, and spectral methods able of extracting properties of buried object signatures that can be used to classify the formations based on their re-radiated returns.