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Dr. Irena Lucifredi
President and Chief Executive Officer

Irena Lucifredi, President and founder of SOFAR Acoustics, received her Ph.D. in Acoustics and Structural Dynamics from  MIT in 2004 and her B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Illinois Institute of Technology in 1996. Her Ph. D. dissertation work identified, analyzed and explained the fundamental effects of the sediment and the proximity of the seabed interface on acoustic scattering from elastic mines insonified using a mine-hunting SONAR. Since 2004 she has been leading independent research and development in a small business R &D setting in the field of underwater acoustics,  developing wave-based computational propagation and scattering models, and devising novel acoustic sensing SONAR systems and signal processing techniques for complex littoral environments. She has also been appointed a research fellow at Harvard University where she investigated novel computational and experimental methods in seismo-acoustic range-dependent propagation and scattering. Dr. Lucifredi has also lead a number of initiatives focused on active SONAR marine-mammal detection, classification, and aspect-dependent target strength; data fusion; and cloud-enabled track integration and management. Dr. Lucifredi has over ten journal publications and technical book reviews,  and has been a frequent contributor and invited speaker at conferences of professional societies such as the Acoustical Society of America, IEEE Oceans, and American Geophysical Union.

Federico Lucifredi
Chief Information Officer

Federico Lucifredi, Chief Information Officer and Sr. Software Manager at SOFAR Acoustics, received his Masters Degree in Information Technology from Harvard University in 2007, and his Bachelors Degree in Computer Science from Boston College in 2002. Federico Lucifredi is a recognized  expert in computing performance issues, cloud-enabled information management, and complex network software architecture. Federico consults with Standard and Poor's clients interested in Open Source Software technical and strategic issues and has participated in the GPL v3 drafting process in the large-corporation panel. He has spent six years as a software engineer-turned-senior manager of SUSE Linux Enterprise, he has been a CTO and a network software architect at '.com' and embedded Linux startups, and he has consulted for MIT. He is the maintainer of the man suite, the primary documentation-delivery tool under Linux, and a frequent speaker at user group and conference events, such as LinuxWorld, LinuxCon, the O'Reilly Open Source Convention, and the IMPlanet conference, where he was a panelist representing the Jabber community.

Dusan Veljkovic
Vice President of Engineering

Mr. Veljkovic, Vice President of Engineering at SOFAR Acoustics, has received his B.S. in Mechanical Engineering. He has over 35 years of experience in mechanical engineering design related to acoustical, automotive, and petrochemical industries. He has spent the  last 15 years as a regional manager of Scania Corporation. He was responsible for driving area sales and profit plans to budget through successful leadership, organizational plans, customer service, and outstanding execution of all field operations strategies, consistently across the region.