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We provide cloud computing service to business and government clients and help them to achieve agility and transform IT with cloud expertise consulting.
The emergence of the Cloud Computing has enriched traditional network computing (mainframe, client-server, and World Wide Web variants) with a demand-based utility model where shared resources are provisioned, on demand, to the requesting users and applications. Granular, metered usage insures the return of no longer cost-effective Computing and Communication (CC) resources to the common pool, a process that is automated, similarly to the provisioning step, by the Cloud infrastructure of the service provider. Rapid provisioning and de-provisioning of computing assets is made possible by the convergence of mature server virtualization technologies with the emerging industry practices codified in the DevOps approach to system configuration management. A virtual machine fabric is thus able to reliably instantiate in a matter of seconds a new computing resource, backed by virtual hardware, precisely configured to meet the exact needs of the application to be hosted.